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Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions

Allergies and Allergic Reactions

Allergies are highly common in the modern age. Many people have multiple allergies that they suffer from. These can cause problems including irritation in the skin as well as inflammation and worse. Making sure that you understand the allergies and the effect that they can have will help you to control your reactions.

How Allergies Happen

Many people develop the same kind of allergies that their mothers had. This is not always something which will develop in childhood. It can be something which will develop over time. The gradual increase in awareness of sensitivity to certain things will tip you off to your sensitivity.

Other people will become highly allergic to things as children on account of early exposure. As they get older, the allergy will lessen in degree. Some have even been known to shed their allergies as they get older.

Situational allergies are also highly common. Those who grow up in an environment in which there are few allergens will develop allergies whenever moving to an area with a lot. A good example of this is when people who move from Colorado arrive in Georgia in the beginning of spring when the pollen count is off of the charts.

Allergic Reactions

The thing to remember about allergic reactions is that most people experience the same thing. The varying levels of the reaction will depend on the severity of the allergy as well as the severity of the exposure.

Common symptoms of a reaction include itchy or watery eyes. Sneezing, runny nose and congestion can also occur. Inflammation or redness on the skin is another sure sign that the individual is having an allergic reaction.

All of the reactions that occur are on account of histamines within the body building up in defense of what the body believes to be an attack. Otherwise harmless allergens like pollen, dust and environmental factors will cause the body to act as if you are inhaling viruses.

The most common defense against allergies is to take medication which will control your reaction. These will lower your histamines in a way that will allow you to start feeling better. The majority of these medications only need to be taken once a day. There are even medications which have been developed for children which allow them to be able to get the same kind of relief that adults are able to get.

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