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5 Symptoms Of Airborne Allergies

The most common kind of health issue in which people face are allergies. These cause people to suffer every year whenever the seasons change and pollen is released into the air. The body reacts to the pollen and other environmental factors by releasing histamines to try and fight what the body perceives as an attack.

The result of this overload of histamines in your system is that you will feel terrible. You will notice a few common symptoms of allergies. These include these five:

  • Itchy eyes that may be watery or red
  • Sinus pressure causing dark circles under the eyes
  • Throat, and nose are itchy
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing

Whenever these symptoms are felt, most people will go running for cold medication. Though the symptoms might be similar in nature to those of a cold, they are brought on much more suddenly. Colds tend to be brought on over the course of days whereas the allergic reaction will crop up within one day.

You will also notice that the severity of your reaction will develop along with the conditions. As pollen counts rise and lower, your reaction will increase or decrease in severity. The best method of dealing with these immediately is to take an antihistamine. You can then follow this up with taking a 24 hour allergy medication to control future allergic reactions.

Many have been able to find relief whenever ingesting local honey which has not been pasteurized. The use of pollen from local flora is present in the honey. Because you are ingesting it rather than breathing it, your body will have a different reaction to it. Your body will eventually develop immunity to the allergens which would normally cause you to have a reaction.

Limiting your exposure to the allergens which cause you the most trouble is another way that you will be able to maintain a life without allergic reactions. You will need to make sure that you are simply staying indoors whenever pollen counts are high. Also using a HEPA air filter in your home will limit dust. This will stop you from breathing in particles from cockroaches as well as pet dander and more.

Talking with your doctor will open up your treatment options. Many will suffer from allergies throughout their life. Others will have allergies for only brief periods in your life. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you how long you have experienced your problem to talk about the treatments available.

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