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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

The Memory Disease

As people get older, they will tend to forget things. This is just a normal part of life. Some will slip into a different problem when they start to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This disease seems to effect the memories of those who are suffering from it. While the most recognizable memories which are lost will include those which regard family members, there are others which regard how the world works.

The biggest problem with the disease is that it is easy for those who love an individual to be willing to deny the nature of the disease. They will hold onto the mentality that the memory loss is normal or that something can be done to correct the problem. The thing to remember is that these kinds of problems will not revert nor will they get ultimately better.

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease will eventually die from the disease unless a cure is discovered. As of yet, the only thing that can be done is to manage the patient and to provide care for those in need.

Medications used are used to slow down the progression of the disease rather than trying to stop the disease entirely. Making sure that the family and the patient are aware of what is happening is extremely important to manage expectations of what is going to happen.

The most common reason for Alzheimer’s disease is through genetic disposition. There are some factors which have been attributed to it as well including head trauma, but as of yet, the only real connection has been through the family.

Those who suspect that they are dealing with a family member who has Alzheimer’s disease should look for subtle things. This is because most people who have the disease will be aware of what is happening to them. The confusion of why it is happening will cause embarrassment and even anger. They can act out towards those who confront them with the possibility that they might have Alzheimer’s disease.

Hiding evidence of Alzheimer’s disease is another common trait among patients. They will hide things like disfigured tools which were used improperly or burned plates which were heated on the stove rather than in a microwave. They will also deny that they caused the problems within their own home.

Whenever they are unable to recognize normal things in their world like a remote control, it is undeniable what condition they are in. This is when it is necessary to get help.

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