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Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Alzheimer’s Symptom Possibilities Should Be Cause for Concern

Memory loss is not the only kind of problem that those with Alzheimer’s disease will possess. There are other symptoms which should be paid attention to as well. In fact, many will suggest to watch for the signs as early as possible to make sure that the right kind of care and attention are always given to the patient. Making sure that things like forgetfulness in terms of the kinds of things that should happen normally, like using the bathroom, do not go unnoticed will help in dealing with the problem head-on.

There are a few things that the individual will also need to pay attention to whenever trying to help those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Inability to Learn New Skills

Among the kinds of short term memory problems which many will suffer is a problem with learning something new. New names, new routines, new places. They can not only be difficult. They can be scary to the Alzheimer’s disease patient. Making sure to maintain a normal lifestyle will help those who suffer from the disease to get the care that they need.

Depression Symptoms

As the realization of what they are going through starts to set in, many will start to show signs of depression. Mood swings or a general malaise will cause the individual to become detached from those around them. Anger can set in as a result of feeling scared and alone.

Inability to Plan

Those who are trying to plan out their day will find it difficult to plan what they will do. It is as much a problem with trying to remember what they want to do as it is the ability to think in a linear fashion about the events of the day and how one will affect the other. This is why it is important that most patients have a routine that they can follow each day.

Getting Lost or Disoriented

Forgetting where one is can be a common problem in those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. They will forget how to get somewhere or how they got where they are.

Persistent Memory Loss on a Minor Scale

Those who are starting to forget things like words, names and places might be showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. If the problem occurs once or twice, it is normal. If the memory will not come back for days or weeks, this is a larger problem.

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