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The Plain Truth about Alzheimer’s Disease

Those who are facing Alzheimer’s disease have a lot to deal with. This is more than just memory loss; this is an actual physical problem in which the brain starts to deteriorate. Parts of the brain will simply shut down. Patients are known to go in and out of phases in which they will be able to remember things.

The most depressing part of Alzheimer’s disease is the gradual progression towards a state of complete unawareness of the environment around them. Many do not only forget names of family members. They forget who they are and their place in the world. It can be highly confusing for the individual and heart-breaking for family members. It is essential to get the right kind of help as soon as possible.

While it is not possible to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, there have been developments which look promising in the slowing down of the disease. Making sure that the family is prepared to use all of the kinds of resources which are available is really important.

The most difficult part of getting the attention and care that many need is the cost. It is not a cost which many insurance plans will cover all of the way. You will likely need to pay at least over $100,000 out of pocket. This is an expense which is difficult to part with knowing that the eventual outcome will be death as a result of the disease.

Medications which are used to slow the disease have been administered throughout the day to provide the patient the kind of care that they need. These can include experimental drugs which are not on the market for many other patients.

Many will use puzzles and other kinds of mental challenges to try and maintain any kind of mental cohesion in patients. Family members are also encouraged to visit often and talk about the past so that the patient can try to maintain memories.

As the condition worsens, it might be necessary to revert to a childlike attitude towards the individual. This includes a lot of patience as a result of the fact that they will have to have many things repeated to them about what they are using, how to use it or simply what to do. You might even find it is necessary to use labels on everyday items to avoid confusion.

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