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Treating Arthritis Naturally

Western medicine have fallen out of favor in many circles. This includes those looking for help with problems like arthritis. Rather than simply deadening the pain, people are looking for ways in which they can treat the problem they are dealing with.

There are a few ways in which you are able to get the help that you will need. These include those which will allow you to be able to get the kinds of elements within your body that you will need to treat the problem as well as help which is not fully understood.


Among the least understood methods for dealing with arthritis is to use something like a copper bracelet. Studies have found that it is effective in helping individuals to deal with their arthritis symptoms.

It is not fully understood why these will help in dealing with the problem, but they do seem to work. The feeling of most people is that it cannot hurt to try it. Getting these is possible through a few different medical and retail locations.


The use of molasses has become quite popular. This is rich in things like magnesium, potassium and iron. Juts taking a tablespoon of this can help in relieving pain for durations. It is recommended as a daily method for pain treatment.


Water is one of the most important fluids that you can consume. It is effective not only in cooling you off, but providing the lubrication that joints need as well. Getting the healing effects from water is possible whenever making sure that you are drinking warm water in a quantity of at least 8 – 10 glasses a day.

Another way in which water can help you to get relief is that you will be able to attend water aerobics classes. The low impact exercise is good for the body. By using warm water in the pool, it is also possible for the muscles around the joints to loosen which will take pressure off of the joints. This will decrease the pain you feel.

Devil’s Claw

Making a tea out of the root called devil’s claw will help as a healing elixir. The tonic has been recommended by many in the medical community along with traditional medications. It is thought the root helps in eliminating inflammation. It works muck in the same way that cortisone works in helping to repair cells.

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