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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is a condition that affects the lungs and eventually your breathing. Asthma symptoms include: chest tightening, pain, pressure, wheezing, coughing (especially at night), and breathlessness. Everybody with Asthma doesn’t have the same symptoms. Some people experience some of the symptoms but not at one time. Asthma symptoms can also change from one episode to the next.

Asthma attacks occur at different times under different circumstances. Exercise may bring about asthma symptoms and sometimes people only experience an episode that coincides with viral infections such as the common cold. Not all, but some individuals are fortunate enough to go for prolonged periods with no symptoms at all, with only periodic severity called Asthma attacks.

Warning signs of Asthma may come about prior to or at the onset of an attack. In most cases, these symptoms are not severe enough to interfere with your daily life. Paying attention to these signs though, can help keep your condition under control. Early warning signs includes: frequent cough, breathlessness, feeling tired/weak when exercising, wheezing or coughing after exercising, feeling tired, easily upset, grouchy, moody, decrease or change in lung function when measured on a peak flow meter, signs of a cold or allergies, and trouble sleeping.

Asthma symptoms in kids usually occur before age five. Asthma occurs when the bronchial tubes become inflamed due to increased secretions within the tubes. Severe chronic coughing may be the only indication of Asthma in kids. Asthma amongst children is steadily increasing due to unknown reasons.

Asthma attacks are produced when the airways tighten. The lining within the airways swell or become inflamed; the cells within the bronchial tubes produce more and thicker secretions than normal. Other symptoms of an Asthma attack includes: coughing that won’t end, rapid breathing, difficulty speaking, chest pain/pressure, and feeling of anxiety. Asthma attacks will worsen with time so seek help immediately! Without immediate medical attention, breathing will become harder, air movement will decrease, and you’ll lose the ability to speak, all of which can lead to death.

Some people do not experience common Asthma symptoms. Some individuals have symptoms that most people wouldn’t attribute to Asthma but they are. These unusual symptoms include: rapid breathing, sighing, and fatigue, inability to exercise properly, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and chronic cough without wheezing. Asthma symptoms can resemble other condition so it’s important to know your body, talk to your doctor and to be educated and aware of both Asthmas common and uncommon symptoms.

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