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Birth Control Implants

Birth Control Implants

Different Types of Birth Control Implants and Their Benefits

Women of childbearing age who are not yet ready to become mothers have a few options available to them. One of these are birth control implants. These devices have been around for years and are inserted directed under the skin. They work by releasing a hormone that is meant to prevent pregnancy. One of the most well known birth control implants is Norplant, which was first used in Finland in 1983. It is currently unavailable in the United States, but women have other options.

There are two similar birth control implants that are available in the United States. These are Implanon and Nexplanon. The former is becoming more rare and is slowly being replaced by the latter. These birth control implants are available in the form of a small, thin plastic rod that is approximately the size of a matchstick. The devices contain etonogestrel, which is a form of the female hormone progesterone.

Any woman who is interested in getting on birth control implants for their birth control needs is first required to see her doctor. The doctor will numb the skin of the upper arm and then insert a rod into it. This is performed by using a device that slides the rod into the arm with a needle. The process takes around a minute or less. The patient should not be able to see the birth control implant but will feel it under the skin.

Birth control implants can be used as a contraception method for as long as three years. After that time, it will have to be replaced.

There are benefits that come with using this type of birth control method. One is that less than one out of 1,000 women who rely on it will become pregnant each year. In other words, it is highly effective at preventing pregnancy. It also does not require any steps prior to engaging in intercourse and there is no worry that it is correctly in place, something that cannot always be said for methods like the sponge, diaphragm or even condoms.

When a woman wishes to have children and has the implant removed, there is no waiting time and she can become pregnant immediately after its removal. Women tend to also experience less painful menstrual cramps during their periods while using birth control implants.

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