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Early Onset Dementia Symptoms

The development of dementia is something which normally occurs later in life. It is normally ignored as a part of getting older. As more people are becoming aware of these kinds of problems, fewer are willing to ignore many of these signs of dementia.

The most common signs that someone is suffering from dementia include things like:

  • Inability to complete simple tasks
  • Problems with short term memory
  • Paranoia
  • Making poor decisions or forgetting how to make some decisions
  • Confusion

Those who work closely with dementia patients can attest to how scary it is for those who suffer from it. They are aware of what is happening and feel powerless to do anything about it. It can cause major problems in their ability to rationalize a future.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Forgetting things is a normal part of getting older. It is not to be confused with dementia. When the patient is suffering from dementia, they are suffering from memory loss of what should be normal things.

Forgetting things like where you put the keys is not a problem. It is when you forget how to use a key, what a key is for or that you own keys to begin with. This is because you are forgetting fundamentals of life rather than details.

Those who have dementia find it difficult to complete ordinary tasks simply because they have forgotten how the world works. This is the reason why most patients require around the clock care. They are just as apt to burn the house down by forgetting what materials can be cooked in or by trying to put a coat hanger in an electrical outlet.

Is Prevention Possible?

While there are no clear cut answers, there seems to be a connection between certain activities and a lessening in degree of those who suffer from dementia. It is all about using your brain on a daily basis. Those who solve problems on a daily basis have far fewer issues with dementia later in life.

Many doctors suggest puzzles like crossword puzzles, Sudoku and other kinds of puzzles which challenge the mind. The activities are thought to help with organizing structures in the mind to maintain order in how the world works.

The main thing is about exercising the mind. Even reading or learning something new is thought to have an effect on the brain in preventing these kinds of problems.

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