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Depression Signs

Depression Signs

Signs of Depression

Several things happen to individuals throughout the course of their lives. Some have a knack for managing the many events that are often stressful. Others on the other hand are unable to handle stressful situations. These individuals are subject to depression. Even though depression is easy to hide, there are many signs that will provide indicators that depression is definitely present. Here are four:

Not Getting Over Sadness

Whether it be a death in the family or the end of a longtime relationship, getting over the emotion of being sad can take sometime. However, if that time becomes extensive then it could lead to depression.

Lost of Interest

Whenever issues take a toll on our ability to think and react in a happy manner, we often loss interest in the things we have a love for. For example, if depression arises then a chef could lose interest in cooking or a basketball player could forget his passion for the sport. Depressed individuals tend to think that the things that interest them can no longer have a use in their lives until things pan out.

Appetite Variations

A varying appetite happens often to individuals who have been struck by depression. One may choose to eat less because the issue that caused depression is making them forget about food and eating. On the other hand, someone could choose to indulge themselves in food using it as something that will lead their thoughts astray. Both of them actions can cause weight loss or weight gain, which could lead to even more depression.

Mental Mishaps

Those who experience depression often come in contact with mental mishaps. Since depression and whatever has depressed them has taken over, they often go through things like failing to concentrate, remembering important things and making important decisions. The thought process of a depressed individual isn’t the same as one that is fully aware of their well-being.

Thoughts of Suicide

Thoughts of suicide is a clear indicator of depression. Depression can lead to an existential crisis and thoughts of whether one’s life is worthy of even being alive. While all the above signs of depression are serious, this is the last stage of depression and the one that needs attention.

Depression should be taken more serious than it has been. As it seems like something most can overcome, it may take more than the individual his or her self to get over the illness. If any individual is seemingly showing any of these signs then depression could be happening right before our eyes.

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