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Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms and Possible Complications

There are many people who are currently suffering from the symptoms of diabetes and are completely unaware that they have this condition. This can be very harmful because the longer this disease is left unchecked and untreated the more devastating effects it can have on a person. This is why it so important for people to be educated and aware of the symptoms for diabetes and the possible complications the disease may have.

Common Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of diabetes are increases thirst, frequent urination, and extreme hunger. The thirst and the urination can later lead to problems with the kidneys in a person who does not have their diabetes treated. Anyone who is experience these symptoms is wise to see a physician to be tested for diabetes. People who are overweight or have a family history of diabetes and experience these symptoms should especially be tested for this disease as soon as possible.

Lightheaded and Dizzy

Becoming lightheaded or dizzy when one has not eaten in a while or after a high carb meal can be a symptom of diabetes. This symptom occurs because a person has too little or too much sugar in their bloodstream. Anyone who notices these symptoms more than once should be tested for diabetes.

Persistent Infections

Since diabetics have such high sugar content in their bloodstream, they can become more prone to bacterial infections which are hard to get rid of. This is because the bacteria will feed off the sugar and grown strong and more resistant to the body’s immune system. This is a common reason for why physicians take extra care to check for diabetic foot sores which will not heal in those who may have this disease. Left untreated these and other sores and wounds can cause more life threatening conditions to develop in the body.

Foot Swelling

One of the less commonly spoke about symptoms of diabetes is foot swelling. Physicians will often look for foot swelling along with foot sores when they are checking a patient with diabetes. This is because diabetic foot swelling is caused when the feet are not getting the proper amount of blood circulating through them. This complication of diabetes can often cause people with extreme cases to have their foot or leg amputated. This is why anyone who may be experiencing unusual foot swelling should be seen by a physician to be tested for diabetes.

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