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Natural Cures for Diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by several factors in ones life. In the past the bulk of people who developed diabetes did so because they were genetically predisposed to the disease. Others developed the disease because their body developed with a defect for processing insulin or the inability to produce insulin properly. Only some of the cases of diabetes were cause by people being over weight, maintaining poor diets or living a sedentary lifestyle. Today there are still those who develop the disease from genetics and physical defects they were born with. They are now outnumbered by the amount of people who develop this disease from poor lifestyle habits.

The majority of people who develop diabetes today can actually reverse the disease. This is great news for many because the disease was formally seen as being incurable in the past. People just need to be educated in how to go about curing themselves of this disease. They also need to know that they only cure for the disease has not been found through drugs and actions beyond how to manage diabetes regularly. Instead the cure for diabetes is all natural and needs to match the lifestyle of each specific individual. The suggestions below go beyond describing what is diabetic and what is diabetes. It is a plan for how to reverse diabetes.

What to Eat and Why

Diabetes can be cured with food. People who have diabetes have been shown to reverse the disease by eating a diet of raw fruits and vegetable for one month. This has been shown to work because it gives the body a chance to reset itself naturally to process insulin properly again.

How to Exercise

Physicians have known for some time that physical activity can reduce the amount of blood sugar in the human body. In the past many physicians told their diabetic patients that they could do as little as ten minutes of walking a day to reduce the effects diabetes had on their bodies. New research now shows that more exercise done more intensely can actually reverse diabetes in some cases.

People need to some form of aerobic exercise at least sixty to ninety minutes per day. This exercise should be done with intensity to get the full effects for reversing diabetes. This form of exercise should be followed by doing at least 20 minutes of a form of resistance training each.

Remember to consult with your physician before embarking on any dietary or physical plan for diabetes control or reversal.

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