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Healthy Eating Recipes

Healthy Eating Recipes

When you are seeking out low calorie healthy eating recipes, you should be mindful of hidden secrets. It is important to note that not all recipes are created equally, particularly when you are in search of low fat and low calorie recipes that taste great.

What to Look For

Stay away from the boring recipes such as basic steamed vegetables and rice. If you eat boring foods you are going to lose interest in eating healthily. Focus on flavor in addition to recipes that are nutritious. Create salads that are filled with proteins and flavor such as by adding smoked salmon and a dill dressing or marinated spicy chicken with beans and corn. You should also look for recipes that provide balance such as to incorporate fruits in addition to vegetables and proteins. And, if you want to try a recipe that does not appear overly healthy, add vegetables to the dish and eliminate most of the meat to create your own healthy recipe.

Trendy Superfoods

Be on the lookout for the latest trendy superfoods. Healthy recipes with superfoods are often incredibly flavorful. It was not long ago when no one had ever heard of kale and now it is everywhere and in everything including cooked as chips. This is an example of a trendy superfood. Other trendy superfoods include acai berries, cacao powder, goji berries, seaweed, chia seeds, mangosteens, maca powder, hemp powder, kefir, black garlic and nutritional yeast. Recipes with these ingredients will likely be creative and taste great. Keep in mind that superfoods change each year, so you can search for healthy superfood recipes from past years, as well, for new and exciting ideas.

Time Saving Tips

Time is always a challenge with eating right, particularly because you have to wash, peel and cut most fruits and vegetables. So, spend part of the weekend prepping your food and preparing your meals for the week. If you are planning on having salad, prep everything in advance such as by washing and drying the lettuce, slicing cucumbers or preparing hard boiled eggs so you can just fix a salad at anytime throughout the week. You should also prepare your own salad dressings and vinaigrettes to reduce calories and save money. A great tip is to replace much of the mayo with plain yogurt.

It is easy to prepare low calorie meals that are healthy and delicious with the right recipes. Be sure to seek out balanced recipes with trendy superfoods to stay satisfied. And, if you prepare your meals in advance, you will reduce your stress and have more time to relax.

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