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Low Cholesterol Recipes

Low Cholesterol Recipes

Nowadays, keeping cholesterol at safe levels is a seemingly impossible task. As fast food chains get raised up at every street corner, home entertainment systems being more, well, entertaining, and professions being automated to such extents that people don’t even have to exert effort, people are at their highest risk for heart disease now more than ever. Fortunately, you can shake off dangerous levels of cholesterol by trying these recipes out.

Red Wine

One serving, equivalent to 5 fluid ounces, of red wine has zero cholesterol. And how can one resist a sip of red wine on a regular basis if it can help in keeping cholesterol low? Red wine also contains a rich amount of antioxidants, substances that help prevent heart disease via improving HDL levels and preventing clogging of arteries.

Apple Cinnamon Granola

If you are looking for a healthy dessert that doesn’t take its toll on your heart, whole grains in granola are a delicious alternative. This oat-rich dessert is loaded with soluble fiber that lowers LDL, or bad cholesterol, levels. Try to make your own granola at home instead of buying from supermarkets to ensure sugar and fat amounts are well-managed.


Another tasty yet healthy dessert is the old-fashioned muffin. Bake these delights with fruits and nuts to add flavor as well as heart-healthy nutrients. Muffins made completely with whole grain is rich in fiber that’s good not only for the heart, but for the digestive tract as well. Enjoy a morning serving of muffins with fat-free yogurt.

Arugula Pizza

Even if you suffer from high cholesterol levels, you should still be able to enjoy the good things in life, one of which is pizza. Arugula is a healthy topping with very few caloric content. It is rich in phytochemicals that have been indicated to fight off cancer-causing substances in the body. Substitute mozzarella or Parmesan cheese with goat cheese, which has lower cholesterol but provides the same creamy, mouthwatering flavor.

Light Soup

Carrot ginger soup is a great example of a flavorful and warming recipe that’s effective in keeping cholesterol low. Unlike other soups, this one does not contain animal products, which is known to harbor high amounts of bad cholesterol. Having carrots in the blend also makes the recipe a great source of beta carotene and eye-nurturing components.

These recipes can indeed maintain cholesterol levels. However, to be completely effective in its goal, one should also combine a well-balanced diet with the right exercise routine.

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