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Mental Illness

Mental Illness

Types of Mental Illness to Be Aware Of

There are many people suffering from mental illness which were not previously aware of the condition. This can be because the symptoms are very mild in nature. They can also be a result of the patient or family being unwilling to accept the condition. Varying levels of severity can be met when dealing with mental illness, and it is important to be aware of the dangers and the treatment methods for each kind of illness.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Those who have trouble remembering as they get older will normally chalk it up to just getting older. While memory loss is normal as you get older, the kind of memory loss you are dealing with here is on a much greater level.

You are not dealing with simply forgetting about dates and places. You are forgetting things like fundamentals of life. Forgetting that you cannot cook using a paper plate over a stove as well as what car keys look like.

The reasons for the memory problems are a result of a slow deterioration of the brain. The condition gets worse with age. The treatment methods have been able to show signs of slowing the disease, but nothing has been developed which will completely halt or prevent the disease.


Those with depression can be suffering from a few different kinds of problems. The most likely type of depression is seasonal depression or chronic depression. These occur in seemingly normal and healthy individuals. It is an inability to process certain emotions caused by what could be a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Medications have been developed which help to regulate brain chemicals for even such severe conditions as bipolar disorder. Getting mental and medical treatment are necessary to control the disease.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities can be linked to other problems or they can be in a class all of their own. Certain things like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a common problem in children and can even go into adulthood.

Medication provided under the care of a regular physician and mental counselor helps in preventing outbursts while helping concentration and awareness of their environment. Individuals have to be willing to take the medications as they will need to work against their natural tendencies in many situations. As the body changes, the medication will need to be altered to provide the proper care.

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