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Overactive Bladder in Men

Overactive Bladder in Men

Key Points Men Should Understand About an Overactive Bladder

Many men today will develop an overactive bladder at some point over the course of a lifetime. An overactive bladder can cause real issues on a daily basis if not treated by professionals. Men should know a few key points about having an overactive bladder.

Signs of an Overactive Bladder

An overactive bladder is characterized by needing to urinate eight to ten times during the day for no reason. Men often have a sudden and sharp urge to urinate without any previous warning. These urges can sometimes be accompanied by the involuntary release of urine in the minutes afterwards. Another sign of an overactive bladder is the need to get up twice or more during the night in order to urinate. This is called nocturia.

Common Causes of Overactive Bladder

Prostate issues can cause an overactive bladder in men. An enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can affect the urethra and bladder. Another common cause is nerve damage. Nerve damage can cause your bladder to contract uncontrollably creating immediate urges to urinate. Other possible causes are physical bladder damage and taking certain types of medications.

Overactive Bladder Treatments

Many treatments for overactive bladder involve making lifestyle changes or exercising specific muscles. Men might be asked to perform bladder training or pelvic floor exercises in order to build a tolerance to the urges. Lifestyle changes can include scheduling regular bathroom trips even if there is no urge to urinate, closely monitoring what you drink and potentially wearing protective garments. Certain medications can help to relax the bladder or dull the nerves so that the urge to urinate is minimal. Some extreme cases are treated with surgery to implant artificial devices to help support or control the bladder.

Potential Complications

Not getting help for chronic overactive bladder can sometimes lead to serious complications. The frequent urination could result in repeated infections that can eventually damage your organs. Releasing urine unexpectedly can cause skin irritation over time that might lead to painful rashes and sores. A final complication can be problems with your social life that prevent you from taking part in normal activities.

Understanding What Is Not Overactive Bladder

It is important to understand that a sudden urge to urinate is not necessary a sign of an overactive bladder. If you have been drinking a large amount of fluids, then you are going to need to urinate much more than usual. The frequent urination will stop once you return to a normal schedule of drinking fluids. You must consistently need to use the bathroom more than eight times a day even if you did not drink an excessive amount of fluids to have an overactive bladder.

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