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Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Those only showing the signs of flu which rest in the digestive tract will be diagnosed with the stomach flu. This is a result of the immune system being weakened from being young. It normally only shows up in children, but can show up in adults which have weakened immune systems. Getting the help you will need means making sure that you are getting the kind of information you need to know about the kinds of problems which can cause it and the remedies for it.

Problems Causing Stomach Flu

The main cause of the stomach flu is the rotavirus. This occurs in children under the age of five in most cases. It rests in the digestive tract and causes the child to have watery stools and general discomfort.

Fevers are normal whenever these kinds of illnesses, so it is important to offer your child medication which will control inflammation and break a fever. This will help in making sure that you will be able to offer your children the treatment that they will need.

Treatment Measures for Stomach Flu

Your child will need a lot of rest whenever they have stomach flu. This is so that they will allow their bodies to fight off the illness. They will be out of school from 2-5 days as this is the normal course for this kind of illness. You will need to make sure that you are getting everything that you need so that they will have clean sheets every day to rest on.

Always give your child plenty of fluids. Among these should be the kinds which are loaded with nutrients like Pediasure. Also make sure that they are eating soups and drinking sports drinks. These will help in replacing the salt which has been lost as well as preparing the body for retaining hydration.

Your child will also need to be able to get all of the food which will help them to stay afloat. Make sure that they are getting foods which are rich in iron, zinc and vitamin C. This will help you to be able to make sure that you are able to shorten the duration of the illness as well as making sure that they will not endure the illnesses again in the future. This will help you to also feel better by knowing that your child is feeling their best.

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